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Whether local moves or long-distance moves, residential or corporate relocation, American Movers have you covered. We are the leading professional movers offering competitive prices, free moving quote, packing services, storage solutions, and much more!

Serving You with Hassle-free Residential and Corporate Relocation Services

Settling to a new location is cumbersome. You surely deserve one of the best moving companies for a safe moving experience. You may have budget constraints, or you’re probably thinking your new home or office is quite far from the current location, making the moving process more challenging.

Is there a moving company efficient enough to take the challenge – and do it at a reasonable price?

Well, if you’re the one wondering about it, you should contact us right now. Our moving company is here to make your moving process as smooth as it can be.

Just click on the contact number at the top of the page, and the automated telephone dialing technology will have you connected to our moving expert.

It’s as simple as that!

American Movers offer a full range of moving and storage services to assist you in moving your home, office or relocating across a long distance. The moving company is right up there alongside the best moving companies and van lines, such as United Van Lines, American Van Lines, National Movers, Elite team, and more.

Our philosophy is simple: tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Call us or fill our online form to get the free estimate for your local or long-distance move. You’ll surely love our flat-rate pricing. Our experts will make sure you get a cost-effective solution whether you’re moving locally or beyond the state lines.

And don’t worry about what’s going to happen on the moving date; we have extensive experience in moving homes, offices, and industrial setups. Our professional team can pull out an excellent job, making it a successful move.

Aiming to be YOUR trusted moving company, American Movers Inc. offers superior service quality at the best market prices! Our highly qualified customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help you move anywhere, any time.

Some features made us different from other moving companies.

Top-notch Long Distance and Local Moving Services

Have a big apartment, a family-owned business or a commercial venture to relocate? Have no time to pack your stuff? Or are you worried about the items you don’t want to move?

Get the free quote right now and get the right services!

Help Prepare for the Moving Day

Besides the free quote, the American moving company offers its customers a comprehensive suite of moving services, such as packing supplies, professional packing, temporary storage, free moving containers, and more.

Perfect Timing

Our professional employees guarantee fast and careful moving from your current home to a new one, making it an efficient moving experience.

Hard Working Team

We have the equipment to do the heavy lifting. Or when the machines can’t access the place, our employees can do the lifting. Plus, we can help you with the best moving tips for the perfect move.

Always Extra Careful

Worried about your belongings? Hire American Movers & Storage!

Customers usually enjoy our dedication to perfection. Our company treats your stuff like they were our own and give it the utmost attention to safeguard the quality of your inventory.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After hiring, American Movers will stay connected with their customers through phone calls or SMS text messages to make sure everything goes as planned.

Anywhere You Want

Whether the move is to the big city or somewhere off the beaten track, wherever life takes our clients, our world-class moving services can make you feel at home.

Saving Your Money

Moving costs can steep up when you calculate them separately. However, American Movers & Storage will keep it down as per your budget. Try our economical packing material or free moving boxes so you don’t have to purchase anything extra for your next move.

Industry-Leading Moving Services

The moving company has years of experience. We know what services you need according to your moving needs. In fact, our services set us apart from other moving companies.

Widespread Network of Van Lines

American Movers & Storage has a wide network of van lines across the country. The moving company has a massive fleet that includes all types of vehicles, from open trailers to enclosed trucks, SUVs, pickup trucks, and more.

Safe and Secure Storage

Not all moving companies offer storage services, but we can take care of your extra belongings. For years, none of the customers has complained about lost stuff from our storage facilities, making us a trusted moving company.

Insured Employees

American Movers & Storage is not like other local moving companies. The business is spread all across the country dealing with corporate and residential customers simultaneously.

This is why the American moving company offers professional and experienced employees. All our employees are licensed and insured.

International Moving Services

Van lines such as American van lines, United Van lines, etc. can take care of international moves. We can arrange it too for your next move – and that at a fairly reasonable price.

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